Where are we

Where are we

Ci troviamo a Santa Maria di Leuca, proprio sul tacco d’Italia, in una posizione strategica, dove è possibile scegliere il proprio itinerario tra il versante jonico e quello adriatico. La nostra marina è definita la “Perla dei due mari” ed è possibile ammirare l’incontro tra lo Jonio e l’Adriatico in corrispondenza del promontorio di Punta Meliso. Di notevole interesse sono la Basilica “De Finibus Terrae”, il gigantesco Faro e le numerose Ville ottocentesche che decorano lo splendido lungomare, tutte realizzate in uno stile architettonico diverso. Per gli amanti del mare non mancano gli stabilimenti balneari, sia su sabbia che su roccia, mentre la miriade di stupende grotte marine dei due litorali possono essere visitate mediante apposite escursioni in barca.

Da qui potrai anche raggiungere con pochi chilometri di strada le famose “Maldive del Salento”, le spiagge dorate dello Jonio.

Non farti scappare l’occasione di visitare uno dei luoghi più incantevoli d’Italia…. Siamo un po’ lontani, ma ne vale davvero la pena! Del resto, le cose belle bisogna sempre conquistarsele, giusto?

Allora, cosa aspetti…. Ci vediamo a Santa Maria di Leuca!


Il territorio

The picturesque and varied landscape of Salento, adorned by beautiful coasts now high and rugged with a myriad of caves and ravines ( east coast , Adriatic Sea ), now soft and sandy ( on the west coast , the Ionian Sea ) , intrigues and attracts the connoisseur natural lands.

The origins of Leuca are ancient, as evidenced by the numerous engravings messapiche , Greek and Latin found within the various rock caves present. Notable is the Sanctuary ” De Finibus Terrae ” , from 1990 papal basilica , dating back to 1720 , former temple dedicated to Minerva and still today a place of pilgrimage for many believers throughout the year . The place where the Sanctuary is called Santa Maria di Leuca, in honor of the Madonna di Leuca ” De Finibus Terrae “, which is celebrated every year on 15 August with a characteristic procession by sea. Next to the Basilica conquer the giant lighthouse ( 48 m in height , the second in Italy after Genoa ) came into operation for the first time in 1866. Immortalize From the splendid nineteenth century villas are present on the lovely sea noble families of the second half of the 800 vied to create a wave of gorgeous fashion launched in those days by the inspiration of talented engineers and architects.

he hinterland of Capo di Leuca is characterized by beautiful scenery with rural expanses of olive groves as far as the eye marked by dry-stone walls and classic features ” pajare ” dry stone farm buildings . Smaller towns and villages offer examples talented in art and architecture from Romanesque to Baroque , traditional customs are still intact (crafts , wrought iron , local produce in general).

The main places of historic , artistic and tourist are , Otranto , Gallipoli and Lecce above . The climate is mild throughout the year, with average daytime temperatures of 28 °C in summer, autumn 18°, 14° in winter and 22° in the spring. In business you can watch a rich archive of photos of Salento and organize personalized itineraries to suit your needs. On arrival in the company will be available to guests of the material and descriptive of our sites, and to have an info-line information at any time of the day.

Don't miss the chance to visit one of the most wonderful places in Italy .... We are a little distant, but it's really worth it! So, what are you waiting for? .... See you at Santa Maria di Leuca!

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